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Make your dream come true: love and flirting, fame and fortune, great victories and worldwide recognition in colorful dress up and dating game! Enjoy being a star in the spotlight and wearing stylish outfits!

In Flirt City you can easily become a TV star, flirt around and win people’s hearts with your looks, extraordinary intellect, sense of style and fashion! Bright clothes and trendy hairstyles, fashionable accessories and stunning looks – you can have it all to create your own unique image and start a relationship of your dream.

Game features:
★ Customize your style with over 1000 items of clothing and accessories and become a famous celebrity!
★ Change the way you look with over 100 unique hairstyles and makeup choices
★ Participate in TV shows, flirt away and date the love of your life!
★ Compete with other players and prove to everyone that you're the best!
★ Perform challenging tasks and receive valuable rewards
★ Be social: play with your Facebook friends, find new romantic interests and exchange gifts

What players say about Flirt City:

“Its awesome I love it and that's all I have to say!” - ra smith

“YAY...THNX★ OMG, its like everything I wanted in a game” - Roohee Diara

“Awesome! Love it, it is really fun and exciting…” - Skye Wilkins

“This game is awesome I really enjoy playing this game” - Katie Lay

“It gets rid of my boredom. And also makes me feel kind of hot cause idk” - Sara Bear

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