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City Center

Why do I need tickets?

Tickets are required to improve your stats at the City Center.

Where do I get tickets?

You get more tickets:

  • every day as you enter the game for the first time

  • with each level up

  • by winning them in the Wheel of Fortune

How do I improve my LIS stats?

You can improve any of your LIS stats at the City Center. Your LIS stats also depend on your clothes and accessories, as well as the goods you purchase from the VIP-shop and yummies from your kitchen. 

How can I improve my stats when I'm out of tickets?

You can improve your stats by Special Offers for golden coins. It requires no tickets.

Help a friend

How can I help my friend? 

To help a friend, simply visit him or her and choose the type of help you wish to provide. You can improve your friend's Looks, Intellect and Style or give them one energy point.

You can help a friend with LIS once per day, and give them energy many times. 

How do I ask a friend to help me?

Enter your house and choose one of the help buttons; this button will be marked with a tag saying “I want”. It indicates your request.

How do I add a friend to the game? 

To add a friend, simply befriend him or her on Facebook. When you open the game next time, the new friend will be visible on the list. If you'd like to invite your Facebook friends, click the "Friends" icon and then click "Invite". This will open the list of your friends who can be invited into the game.


You can always stock up on silver and gold at the bank.

Note that the bank often delivers special offers so you can purchase gold or silver at much lower prices!

Where can I get silver coins?

  • purchase them from the Bank
  • earn them at the Business Center
  • receive them for winning a show
  • get rewarded as you perform various quests
  • win them in the Wheel of Fortune
  • become rewarded for certain achievements (see the "Achievements" menu in the city for details on how to get them)
  • sell old clothes in the wardrobe

Where can I get golden coins?

If you want to get some gold in Flirt City, you can do one of the following:

  • purchase it from the bank (simply click the golden coin in the upper section of the screen)
  • win them in the Wheel of Fortune
  • get it by entering the game 5 days in a row or when leveling up

  • get rewarded for certain achievements (see the "Achievements" menu in the city for details on how to get them)

  • earn it by performing certain daily tasks

  • win it in contests held on our Facebook page (like this page if you don't want to miss any of the contests:

Why do I need golden coins?

You can spend golden coins in the game to purchase fancy clothes, home decorations and tech, energizers and enhancers for your stats, as well as boosters during the shows. Also you can spend some gold to skip a quest you don't want to complete.


Beauty salon

How can I change the way I look?

You can change your looks in the game as many times as you want. You can modify the following elements of your appearance:

*your hair style and color 

*the shape and the color of your eyes 

*the shape of your lips and your lipstick color 

*the shape of your nose 

*your skin color 

*your make-up (girls only) 

*your beard/mustache (guys only) 

You can apply most of the changes in your looks for free. Some of the hair-cuts and exclusive appearance elements require a payment.

Note that any of your previous images are not being saved when you apply changes to your image. That's why you will have to re-purchase the hair-cuts or any other appearance modifications that you've bought before.


How do I buy clothes?  

Click the button with gold or silver coin below the item you like.

Why can't I enter the next shop?

Shops in Flirt City become available as you reach a certain level. However, you can unlock them any time for golden coins

How can I sell clothing items?

To sell clothing items, enter the Wardrobe at your house and activate the Item sale mode. In this mode you can see Sell button below every clothing item, as well as its selling price 

 What do the icons next to some of the items stand for?

To view the full info on an item, you need to click the button. A window will open showing you:
1 and 2 - bonus that this item adds to you Looks, Intellect or Style

3 - item color (see Why should I wear clothes of the same color?)

4 - set that includes this item (see Why should I wear clothes from the same set?)

5 - the item style (see Why should I wear clothes with matching style?)

Why should I wear clothes of the same color?

When wearing clothes of the same color, you get an extra bonus to your Style stat

Why should I wear clothes from the same set?

Wearing clothes from the same set can get you a bigger prize in a show, improve your stats or even give you more energy!

Why should I wear clothes with matching style?

By wearing stylistically matching clothes you get an extra bonus to Style stat

Can you tell me about the various style types?

Flirt City has the following style types:

*black tie (girls only)

*military (guys only)




Various style types are available from Level 18. 

Where are my clothes that I take off when I buy new clothing?

These clothes go to the wardrobe that can be viewed at your house.



What can I buy at the VIP-shop?

You can purchase the following items at the VIP-shop:

  • enhancers
  • boosters that expand your chances to win the show
  • energizers

Why do I need enhancers?

Enhancers can help you improve your LIS stats for a period lasting from 1 to 24 hours.

Note that the enhancers you purchase with silver coins boost one skill while weakening another. A skill value can't get below zero, so the usage of enhancers is limited.

TV studio

At the TV studio you can participate in shows earning experience and silver.

You need energy to participate in shows.

Use your LIS Stats to outshine your rivals and the goal. The higher your stats are, the more your chances to win grow!

Three types of shows are available to you:

The Classic Show is available from Level 1. It requires 3 energy points. This type of show lets you see your goal parameters and your rivals' stats.

The VIP Show is available from Level 5. It requires 4 energy points.In this type of show your goal parameters change with every round.

Blind Date. It requires 6 energy points. It is available from Level 15. In this type of show you don't see your goal parameters. Watch how your goal reacts to the moves made by your rivals, and choose the best tactics to win shows.

You can use bonuses in shows to increase your chances to win.

  • "Cunning trick" gives you 20 % more points for the next move
  • "Compromising materials" lets you get rid of one of the rivals. It works randomly, so you can't choose which rival to delete
  • "Fireworks" steal 20% of rivals' points and give them to you. You lose one move if you use Fireworks.
  • "Flowers" (guys) and "Aerial kiss" (girls) gives you extra 30 points from your goal

How do I refill energy?

You get one energy point every 10 minutes. Each time you level up, your maximum energy amount increases for one point.

You can refill energy:

  • using energizers that can be purchased from a VIP-shop or made at the kitchen
  • asking your friends for help


How do I decorate the house?

In order to change your home design tap the “Editor” button in the room. You can buy and sell furniture and decorations.

What does House design bar mean?

House design changes when you buy new decorations or furniture. The higher House design is, the faster tech works.

What can I change in the Living Room?

You can change wallpapers, flooring, window, sofa and carpet, as well as add wall and floor decorations. 

How do I sell old decorations?

In the Living Room store tap yellow price tag on the item you want to sell.

When can I see the kitchen?

Kitchen is available from Level 11, but you can open it any time before for golden coins.

What can I buy at the kitchen?

You can change wallpaper and flooring at the kitchen. Besides that you can install the tech: fridge, oven, freezer for ice, coffee machine, ice cream machine, blender and kettle. 

What can tech do?

You can make various bonuses with your kitchen tech: enhancers of Looks, Intellect and Style, energizers.

What are the ingredients and how can I get them?

You will need special ingredients to complete recipes. You can find them in friends' houses, win them in the show or purchase for gold and silver coins.

How do I know which ingredients are required for the recipe?

Tap the icon with three dots above the tech item. In the opened window you will see required ingredients and time needed to complete the recipe. 

How can I fasten my tech?

You can make your tech work faster for gold coins. Besides that, Home design fastens the tech.

Where can I find the products I made?

Your products go to the Storage. You can find them in the lowest section. They are divided according to usage: enhancers of Looks, Intellect and Style, and energizers.


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