Help! Why don't I win anything?

Mary -

Enjoying our game, but ran a bit out of luck?

As you might have noticed, large wins may come around one after another or may drop once every hundred of spins. And in between, you may end up with no coins left to continue. After all, this is the slot machines, and eventually, almost everybody loses playing them, because that's their point.

Therefore, we are proud of providing our players the accurate slots experience - with all of the authentic excitement you could get on the real casino floors. The game mechanics in our slots games are thoroughly replicated from their real-life analogs without loosening or tightening our slot machines.

We try to give you the thrilling experiences offered by the real Slots machines with the only difference that you can enjoy them with your mobile device or PC - for free!

There is no definite way to guarantee what happens after you press the SPIN button in advance, as the Random Number Generator (RNG) takes the reigns for a fraction of time before telling the reels where to stop. All spins have the same chances of winning or failing without distinction as to player's level, bet size, paying or non-paying status, how many coins he or she has, or how long have they been spinning the slot before. In no way, our slots results are controlled by us: we tracked and checked them countless times. As a result, we are sure that they are fair to all users, but due to the RNG system, the playing experience will vary from player to player.

First and foremost, don't forget that you are playing at the online casinos to have fun! This isn’t a test, your life doesn’t rely on the next move that you make. Over time, you will learn what you like and will have fun playing. The journey can be much more enjoyable than the destination. Remember this as you begin to play and take the pressure off yourself. Enjoy online casino games today and join the adventure!

Bottom line is we cannot change the outcome of the games, but we can and will happily assist you with the matters within the scope of our technical support.

Should you encounter any technical problems or need any assistance with the billing issues related to your account, please, do not hesitate to reach us by writing us.

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