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Construction of buildings

Construction of buildings takes some time. Upon completion of a construction open the building by tapping the "cut the ribbon" button.There are 4 main types of buildings in Aquapolis: residential, production, attractions, decorations.

Residential buildings

Residential buildings bring regular income in the form of silver coins and inventory items. Residential buildings can be upgraded. An upgraded building brings more income and new collection items. When you collect income, residential buildings lose some of their happiness points that can be restored by building attractions.

What are the smiles above residential buildings?

The smiles indicate your residents' level of happiness. If happiness drops to zero, the building stops bringing income. Buildings with 100% happiness level bring more income than usual. To raise the happiness level, build an attraction close to residential houses.

Attraction buildings

Attractions create happiness surplus regularly, which is displayed as an icon with happy smiles. To raise happiness level you should build an attraction close to residential houses and collect the happiness surplus. The attraction building's area of influence is highlighted during its construction.

What are production buildings for?

These buildings produce various products. Sometimes production can be stopped due to a breakdown. A building breakdown is displayed as a small window with an exclamation mark. To resume production, you must first fix the building using your inventory items.

Also you can ask your friends to help you repair the building. Tap the broken production and choose "Ask for help" to send your friends a help request.

Your friends can help you fix any production building, but only one at a time. If you've started repairing a building and then you change your mind, choose another damaged production building and touch Confirm button. Warning! You will lose any help accepted before as you shift the repairs task onto another production building.

How do I find inventory items?

You can obtain various inventory items while collecting profit from residential buildings, as well as constructing and upgrading them. Construction and upgrading has 100 per cent probability of yielding inventory items, while collecting profit does not always give them.

How to start playing together with my friends?

To start playing with your friends you should do the following: 1) Connect to the Internet; 2) Connect to Facebook in the game settings; 3)Touch "Ask for help" button in the damaged building window.

How can I add a friend?

If you'd like to invite more friends into the game, touch Invite button in the right-hand menu of the Friends section. If your friend already plays Aquapolis, but doesn't appear in your Friends list, befriend him or her on Facebook and restart the game.

What are decorations for?

Decorations both make the underwater city more beautiful and raise ecology level.

What is ecology level?

Every production building you construct lowers ecology level. If you let ecology level drop below zero, you'll start seeing disgusting heaps of garbage appearing around the city. When ecology level is above zero, underwater flowers grow in the city outskirts. Gathering flowers brings you silver coins. At the same time, removing the garbage will cost you several silver coins.


All the products you make will be stored at the warehouse. Initially the warehouse can store 10 products. If the number of products exceeds available storage space, you can sell them. To increase available storage space, expand the warehouse.

Why do I need to study technologies?

You need to research technologies in order to start making a new product or to be able to research another technology. Technologies have 3 development steps. Making products takes technologies to the next development step. You get rubies for taking technologies to higher development steps.

What should I do when there's not enough space for building?

You can pay to expand the available land by clicking on the darkened area and choosing "Buy the land". Also, you can move buildings closer to one another. To do so, activate Edit mode (yellow hard hat), highlight a building, move it to a new location and confirm your decision.

How can I remove a road?

Choose the menu with a hard hat icon, then tap the road icon. In Road Edit mode you can simply tap the spot where you want to build a road or tap the road section you want removed.

What are rubies for?

In Aquapolis you can use rubies to: speed up making a product, speed up construction of a building, buy missing product or inventory item, upgrade any production building and do lots of other things.

What do the icons above city dwellers mean? What is Request Board?

Aquapolis dwellers can ask you to perform additional tasks: to gather products they need, to upgrade a building, to build an attraction, to gather flowers or to remove garbage. You'll see a palm icon above a dweller, if the task has not yet been given to you. Every task from a citizen goes to Request Board which can be seen in the left top corner of your game screen. Once the task is completed, you get a notification on the Request Board, and you can receive the reward.

How do I save my progress in the game? 

To save you progress we strictly recommend you to play with an Internet connection. To save your progress in the cloud, log in to Aquapolis with your Facebook or Google Play account. If you want to switch devices, just download the game, open it and use your login to return the progress. If 2 or more gamers are playing Aquapolis on one device, just change the login to upload the progress of each gamer. 

How do I get the Daily Bonus?

Collect your Daily Bonus every 24 hours by visiting the game. Daily bonuses are increasing with each consecutive day. Bonuses include silver coins, rubies and chest keys. Chests may contain rubies, inventory items, production items and blueprints. Collect blueprints to build the mystery building that gives BONUSES. If you miss a day, you'll have to start over again.

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