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Common Credit Card Payment Issues

If you experienced any payment issues or received an error while making a purchase, to avoid multiple charges or the temporary hold of funds, do not make repeated attempts to complete the purchase.

When the payment is approved you receive the receipt with an order number via e-mail that you used to register on Facebook, Google Play, or App Store, depending on your device.

My credit card was charged but I received no purchased items

First off, don't panic. Sometimes to receive the purchase in the game, you may need to restart the game: simply close the application and launch it again. After the game is finished loading, you may get a notification that the transaction was successful.

Note: Sometimes, the purchased items may already appear in the game after the restart without not showing you the notification message about the purchase.

In case you didn't receive the purchase after restarting your game, check your email for the receipt with the transaction details. Sometimes, such emails end up in the "Spam" folder, so you might want to check there too.

If you received the receipt but didn't receive the purchase, please, contact our support team using this page. Describe your issue and attach the receipt or provide the screenshot with the transaction code from the receipt as a proof of the purchase. Without this code, our support team might not be able to find your purchase details in order to manually add it to you.

What if an email with transaction details was deleted?

Luckily, even if you deleted an email with the receipt or can't access the email client for some reason, you can still check your previous transactions and see their codes on the following pages:

Google Play:

Apple App Store:

Facebook and Facebook Gameroom:

My credit card was charged but I received no transaction receipt via email

Most likely what you've seen was merely an authorization for the payment, meaning it's been approved by the bank and put aside, but perhaps shows as 'pending' or 'held' because the merchant — in this case, the application market's payment processor — hasn't claimed the funds for some reason. Usually, this happens when you've entered wrong card verification code (CVV), card expiration date or a confirmation security code.

So the bank deducts that money from the account for the merchant to claim, and if not claimed (which it won't, as it's either immediate or not at all), the funds are released back to you, which may take up to several days, depending on your card's bank policies.

If you have contacted your bank and the bank confirmed that the card was charged but you didn't receive the receipt, please, see the previous part to find the payment receipt. Contact our support team using this form, attach the receipt, and describe your issue in as many details as possible.

My credit card was charged twice

If you did not receive the second receipt and/or order number via e-mail, then your card most probably hasn't been charged twice. What you have seen is usually two separate notifications for the transaction authorization and the funds being charged by the merchant.

It is possible that your bank is holding the funds until they confirm that the merchant is not going to accept any payment for the failed order(s), usually because of the wrong CVV code, expiration date and so on. Typically the banks will hold these funds up to 7-10 business days. You will need to speak to the bank directly if you would like those funds released.

If your card was charged twice and you received the receipts with the codes for both transactions via email, please, contact our support team using this page. Describe your issue and attach the receipt or provide its screenshot with the transaction code from the receipt as a proof of the purchase.

My purchase attempts are failing. What can I do?

Usually, this happens when you enter incorrect credit card info. Check your credit card number, CVV code, or expiration date are correct. Also, make sure that you have enough money on your card and your bank allows financial transactions via the internet.

If you are attempting your purchase through the Facebook Gameroom application, please, try purchasing through the Facebook website in a browser or vice versa.

Also, disable or completely remove any IP proxy or VPN software that you may be using, restart your device, and test your purchase again.

If you still experience troubles with the payments, please, contact our tech support, using this form, and describе what you have tried from the list above and whether or not you receive any error messages when the payment fails.

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