How to play Sandman Slots?

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Sandman Slots is the slots machine game - just press on SPIN button to send the reels spinning!

To move from island to island and open more slots, the player must complete the quests. There are several types of missions:

win_n_coins.png  Win coins in one slot
win_n_coins_in_bonus_game.png Win coins in BONUS game
win_n_coins_in_freespins.png Win coins during FREE SPINS
make_n_spins.png Spin a certain number of times
make_n_spins_on_max_bet.png Spin a certain number of times on max bet.
make_n_spins_for_free.png Make a certain number of spins for free
get_icon_n_times.png Get a certain number of icons appear on the reels
break_n_chains.png Break the chains on the icons.

Each island offers 3 quests to choose from. All of the quests are available at the same time. As soon as one of the quests is completed, the player moves to the next island.

The Wheel of Fortune 

Every 3 hours, the player can spin the Wheel of Fortune for free and get free coins. In order to increase the win, the player can:
1)  Upgrade the Sectors using upgrade tokens;
2) Login with social media account;WoF_button1.png
3) Make any purchase in the game.

Sectors on the Wheel have different colors. Every color can be upgraded to yield more coins. The upgrades can be obtained from daily challenges and quests.

Daily Challenge

To claim the Daily Challenge reward, the player must complete any 5 of the 7 Daily Challenges once per day.

  • Make 100 spins
  • Spin 5 times on max bet
  • Play a BONUS game
  • Spin the Wheel of Fortune once
  • Make any purchase
  • Complete a quest

x_btn_connect.png Play with Friends

Invite friends to the game and collect Friend rewards every day! More friends - bigger bonus!

x_btn_slots_lobby.pngFree mode

If you are tired of quests and just want to spin without quest conditions, select 777 icon in the lobby and choose your favorite slot to play!

In this mode, you can only access the slots from the islands that you have already discovered.

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